Nutrition and Hair Loss

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As I was continuing to lose my hair and seek out a more natural way of living, I kept reading research about how certain foods had qualities that could help with hair loss naturally.  I felt like I had hit the jackpot – not only would this help with my hair loss, but on my quest for natural living as well.

Imagine my disappointment when I didn’t even LIKE most of the recommended foods.  Salmon?  YUCK.  Oysters?  NO WAY.  Walnuts?  I couldn’t run away fast enough.  I had been so hopeful to try out a new diet that could help my bald spot disappear that it was quite the blow to find out that I didn’t think most of these foods were even edible.

But – I knew there was truth behind this idea.  I had seen firsthand the effects of nutrition in other areas of my life.  My pursuit of a healthy lifestyle had me eating cleaner and better, and I felt more alive than I ever had.  My energy levels were through the roof.  My skin seemed to be glowing.

Even on the bald spot on the top of my head.

After realizing I needed to change my diet to help my hair, but loathing the suggestions I came across this skinny shake called IdealShape.  It’s more than just a meal replacement shake – it’s about a healthy lifestyle.  Which you know I loved.

I dug in deeper, and wouldn’t you know that IdealShape had many of the vitamins and nutritional elements suggested for stopping hair loss included.  PLUS it could help me drop a few pounds.  What a winner!

I steeled my stomach the first day that I tried IdealShape, knowing that it wouldn’t be great, but it was what I needed.  And it was lightyears better than eating a plate of salmon every day.

And wouldn’t you know – I actually kind of liked it.

Thankful to have another weapon in my arsenal against hair loss that is pro healthy living!